I had planned on getting up at 6 to do some cleaning and go to Allsport before my shot appointment but I overslept. Then I thought I would be able to get the oil changed before my appointment but then Stitch & Gwen HAD to use my car to take clothes to Fred so I didn’t have time, I haven’t even had breakfast yet and it is almost 10:00. However I should be home by noon so that should work out.

Just finished breakfast at Panera and now I am waiting for my post to WW to get sent. I will repeat it here because that way I don’t have to double type.

Good morning all. Thanks for the start up Nan. I do not have time to post to everyone I am busy with last minute stuff for my trip. I got my laundry and hair done over the weekend, today is the car and exercise and a manicure and pedicure, hopefully I can fit it all in and packing of course! I will be back later.

It’s a shame ron doesn’t serve alcohol I am here with the boys, i am starving and they are being themselves. It is a shame they don’t serve alcohol Posted by Bella at 7:25 PM 0 comments

Obviously I sent that last message from my phone while waiting for food at Ron’s. The boys were just being themselves, unfortunately I was so hungry I couldn’t stand it. It serves me right for waiting until 7:25 to get dinner.

I have finished my packing. I am ready to go. Well, I do have to print that e-mail from Travelosity before we go to the airport, but I kind of want to go to bed. I can’t think of anything else I need, except to clean my purse. I don’t even feel like doing that tonight. Except I just thought of something else I need to take. An extra pair of contacts and my glasses.

Mom asked me a question from my sister-in-law when we were on the phone and then tonight I got an e-mail from her asking the same question. I answered her e-mail just in case me or my mom forgot something. Now she will have too much information. I am so nervous about going.