Just thought I would pop back in. Tomorrow is a big day. It is going to be Gwen’s first ballgame of this season.

Two reasons it is big, one is that Gwen is coming to the stadium on her own. Make the train ride by herself. I am fully expecting a phone call at 11 a.m. with her in full blown melt-down panic-attack mode. The second reason is that every game she went to last season someone got hurt. I have told her that if someone get hurts tomorrow, that is the last time she is coming to the stadium for a game.

If the game is rained out tomorrow, I will be very upset. If the trains mess up so I am not there to meet her at Yankee stadium, I will kill someone at MetroNorth. My boss is going to be at the game, if he says anything to upset her or me, I will cut him. Truth.

That is all, so says she.