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It is supposed to be getting warmer. Yesterday at the baseball game, I wore my gray down coat. It is April and I was freezing! Of course part of the reason was I was sitting still, getting up and moving around helps. We had fun though.

Tomorrow is a NYC day so another city post with pictures. I like taking pictures, I need to do it more often. Em gets a little annoyed with me constantly stopping and taking pictures, I let it bother me enough to stop doing it. No more, I am taking pictures if I want to. If it seems like I am just going on and on about nothing, that is pretty much the story. I am still having problems thinking of things to say. Maybe it is because Twitter is 140 characters a tweet. Then I sit down here with this huge open space and the brain panics.

That is all, says she.


Yes I was worried about Gwen coming to the city on her own. I even raced to Grand Central Terminal after leaving the office 20 minutes later then I planned in a panic to catch the train to get to Yankee Stadium before her. She was fine, she was better then fine. And stayed for the whole game.

She seemed to be having a good time, talked to the players, cheered, ate junk food. After we went into Manhattan to have dinner. I was thinking we would go back to a place she had really liked, but neither of us could remember the name or where it was. We stopped at McDonald’s so she could use the bathroom and I tried to find the place on my phone, then it died. But McDonald’s has free wifi, so we started searching on our iPod touches. That is where she found Tony’s Di Napoli on 43rd St. It is a Family Style Restaurant, which means their dinners are to share so we did, and still couldn’t finish it. Have you ever been so stuffed you couldn’t eat another bite? That is how we felt when we left there, like we didn’t even have room for air.

So it was a good day. And now time to sleep.