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My day off

As mentioned before, I have every other Wednesday off, as I was eating my cereal this morning, and Gwen was talking to me, I kept thinking how much nicer it would be if I could get a day off and be alone. Not that I don’t like her, I just sometimes prefer to be alone. Of course after I move, I will be spending almost all my mornings alone.

Gwen and I were supposed to do something this morning but she didn’t feel well so we both went back to bed. There it was quiet. Until Gwen came downstairs and started doing her laundry, she is excited for tomorrow, that is why she is washing clothes.

Then we went shopping, she said she needed tops, we found some great sales, when it was rung up, the amount she spent and the amount she saved was 40¢ different. I didn’t save as much on mine. Then Fred called because he wanted to be picked up, he was upset I wasn’t home, but agreed to meet at Ron’s (please follow), since I had to go back there to get my sunglasses.

Then home, and I don’t know why, but lately everything I eat is making me sick.

Well, I have to go now. I might be back for more randomness.


Here I am staying up late to get this done, even though it is now tomorrow and I am falling even farther behind. So I stay up late, then I get to tired to think, even if I had thought of something great to write about, which I haven’t, by now I would have totally forgotten it. Not to mention what staying up late does to your body, makes you tired and makes you look old.

Since I promised to post every day, there will be many of these posts, where I come on here and try to write the worst sentence I can think of. After all that is the cure for writer’s block. I read that somewhere, I think.

And that’s all, says she.