And there I was in the city with a few hours to kill before my nail appointment. Since I really didn’t want to be walking around in it, and the Starbucks in GCT is not conducive to sitting and waiting, at least not for long periods of time, I went to one of my favorite places in NYC, the library. On my way I stopped to take pictures of the flowers in front of the library only to discover I had forgotten to take my SD card out of my computer and put it back in my camera. So I stopped in a store to buy one before I went to get my nails done.

Flowers don’t mind the rain, in fact I think they quite like it. I don’t mind it, at least if it’s not cold and windy. For most of my time in the city on Saturday it was like that, sort of raining but not really windy. I found a lot of umbrellas to take pictures of, check out Better off soaked to see what I am talking about. I went to SoHo for tea then NoHo to see Ashley and bring her coffee, I almost got another hole in my ear, I had my blue diamond stud with me.

When I left NoHo and started for Grand Central, it had started getting windy and cold so I went to catch the subway at Broadway and Houston St. While I was waiting I was looking at the tracks. People throw all kinds of junk down there, even though being told not to. I don’t know why I always look down there, the tracks kind of fascinate me for some reason, I keep thinking I might see body parts …. On this particular day I saw movement, I looked closer, it was a rat. It was the same color as the floor and the tracks so it was hard to see, I wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t moved. I watched it run under the tracks and under the platform, then it came back. I was so intent on watching it I didn’t notice the D train pull in behind me, until it was leaving. That was the train I was waiting for. So I had to wait for the next train, with only the rat to entertain me, oh and my iPod of course.

So the rest of day was uneventful, the Yankees won, I participated in some retail therapy and then came home.

And that is all, says she.