Before I started typing this post I checked my spam folder and deleted 10 spam comments. If you have commented and your comment has not appeared on this site, it probably went into my spam folder and I deleted it. If I see a comment in my spam folder and the link is to a business web page, or the comment appears to be trying to sell me something, it stays in the spam folder and is eventually deleted. If I have two comments that are almost identical, they get deleted.

Em and I went to the game. We were so cold, I am still cold. My neck hurts from below my ear to my shoulder, the Yankees lost, but so did the Red Sox and Orioles, so the Yankees are hanging on to first place, by half a game. They need to pick it up and win tomorrow!

Someone got my debit card number and used it to buy stuff. I got the e-mail during the game. I tried to call, if I moved into a quiet area the reception was bad, if I moved to better reception, it was too loud to hear. So my card has now been cancelled, they said they would refund my money. I won’t have a debit card for a few weeks and I have to change by regularly scheduled charges and saved financial information at Amazon and iTunes and Sony and …. I think that’s all.

That is all, says she.