Someone wrote in a blog that a good way to get comments and traffic to your blog is to pose a thought provoking, interactive question on a provocative subject. Pick a controversial subject, write your thoughts on it and then say, “So what do you think?” And people will post, whether or not they agree, they will post.

However, no one has written anything about how to cope with the bone crushing disappointment when no body posts a comment. I mean NOBODY. I am afraid that is what would happen to me, no one would post a answer or add a thought of their own, I would be checking everyday to see if ANYONE had bothered to come by and make my day. In the end I am left crying in my bed under my blankets because no one want to talk to me. And where are all these people who told me I would be more popular? They’re off fielding questions and getting comments from my readers!

And that’s all, she says.