I was just typing something out and it said new blank page or blog post. HUH? Who knew I could send blog posts from my word processing program. This is way cool.

I am home today; it is my regular Wednesday off which has once again led me to spending money. Gwen wanted to go to the bank and then the mall so she could get an iTunes card. I needed poster hangers and an envelope to mail a book out. After I write the review, which will be this weekend. Then I decided to look for a better strapless bra, Em said she got a good one at Macy’s, while I was looking at them, Gwen was looking for new pajama shorts. I ended up buying shorty pajamas for her and for me. I don’t know why other then I thought they were a good price and I thought they were pretty.

Now home and putting off something that I must do. Story of my life. Can’t think of why I put these things off. Well, I better go now.