>until we leave for Washington, and I have so much to do. Today I want to get my hair done and the oil changed in my car. Monday is my allergy shot appointment and I want to get a manicure maybe also a pedicure. Writing it down it doesn’t seem like a lot but you know how a few things can become complicated and time consuming. Mainly because I don’t live in a vacuum and there are other people who mess things up!

Right now I need to get moving, I think this pain in my head is sinus related, at least I am stuffed up enough. I also stayed up way to late reading last night. At least all the books I got from the library are read.

M got me a Marvin doll, so now I have something to take on the plane with me. We are leaving soon to take Stitch to tutor his friend, and M is dropping me off to get my hair done. I probably won’t get my oil changed today, but I do have Monday since I am just going to the Mobil station not anywhere I have to make an appointment.

9:15 PM
The pain in my head as dulled from wanting to slam my head against the wall to just wanting to tap it against the wall. I need to go to bed, unfortunately I laid down so now I am not tired. I also need to go over my Watchtower soon. My hair is now nice and even and even colored! It looks good. I now have a bigger list for Monday. I got a new pair of capris from Penney’s. Not trying to get to many clothes but need some that fit. OK I am going to go now, I missed the season finale of NCIS and it is on the website right now.