When I went on the WW message boards, Melva had left a message about, blocked? I can only imagine she is talking about the blog and the fact that I have changed who can see it to invitation only because of Herman’s narcissism. Anyway, I sent her an e-mail and am waiting her reply. I have to send this now because I am falling asleep & I want to check my G-mail.

I was right, she was wondering about the blocked blog, when I explained what happened she said, Why do people have to be such jerks! I set up a Google account, I will send it to her to see if she wants to use it. I will make sure she knows that I don’t EXPECT her to, it is just there if she wants to use it.

Anyway it was cold and dreary this morning. So much so I couldn’t get out of bed for the 6:18, or maybe it was because I was up until 2:00 looking at the new Alan Banks book I just got from the library? I went to the gym last night, but I am not going tonight. I walked from Time Square to Central Park to go to the Crocs store, I wanted those high heeled crocs. If I get a picture I will post it here. I can probably get one from the website. They are not the color I wanted, but if I still like them when I go to visit my mom, I will see if she can buy me the ones in the color I want.