I had a post all thought out then someone came by offering me candy & I completely forgot what I was going to say. My tummy is still minorly upset from the weekend, I also have a headache, it is gone now, I had some tea & 2 Aleve. My neck is tight, I think that is what caused the headache. Tonight I am planning on going to Allsport and doing a couple loads of laundry. I asked Tigger to make sure other laundry was done. He said ok, but didn’t sound very happy about it. Then again it is hard to know how someone is feeling when you are reading their text messages and not talking with them face to face.

I remember what I was going to say, that is was a gray day, but the sun was shining. Like when the doctor says you are healthy, but you still feel sick. Is it because it is the city and all I can see are buildings and cars and streets? Or is it because the window is dirty, and so I can see the sun, but it doesn’t make things bright. When I went outside, it was sunny and bright. Maybe I felt it was bright because I was leaving work early. Not much but enough to catch an earlier train.

The only laundry that was there when I got home had to come upstairs, so technically, it was done. I brought it upstairs, then after the gym I did my two loads. Now I have clean clothes to wear to Allsport and exercise and get all sweaty again.