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On the subway

There is no place like New York and nothing like the NYC subway system. I have determined there are three types of people that talk to me on the subway.

There are the people who ask for money. From what they say, none of them do drugs, none of them drink, all have suffered some unimaginable tragedy and can’t get government assistance.

There are the people asking me for directions. “Do I look like Google maps?”

There are the people offering to help find your train, this is usually followed by a request for money, so they could fall into the first category. What is really annoying is some of them feel they need to lead you to the correct train and “STOP TOUCHING ME”. I should get a medal for not stabbing people.

Then there is your random crazy person, like the tall skinny black man that told me I was “a white whore and you’re going to die of AIDS and cancer.” And the woman who offered me oral sex. She was convinced I would love it and I was just, “Ew no, germs.” Like I said, I should get a medal.

City girl problems

One of the advantages of living in the City is not having to drive in the bad weather. The disadvantage to that is having your train delayed or not running when you need to get somewhere. Like home from work.

So I have to find a way home without taking the evil green train from hell, also know as the Devil’s train. Yesterday I walked, it was only 37 blocks. I don’t want to do that again, so I have been on the website trying to find an alternative route. There isn’t one. The #4, #5 and #6 are the only trains that go up the east side. I may have to take a bus home. Stupid Green train.