My journey begins at the 96th Street Subway station. Today I rode the train to Grand Central Terminal and took pictures of all the stops. I took pictures of the tile work mainly and will provide commentary and tips for surviving the NYC Subway system.

All the subway stations have signs like this, blue tile surrounding the number of the station. This is the station I come to every morning to go to work.

This station has a waiting room. This is how it looks from the track.

This is the picture that proves my contention that the green train is evil, I don’t know if you can see but there are butterflies coming out of her mouth. This is a movie I would never ever ever go see.

These are the tiles I was looking for to take pictures of, some of the stations have pretty pictures in tiles, I thought all of them did, I guess I just wasn’t paying attention because as you will see, not all of them do.