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A moment of silence

If you follow my review blog you know that I just reviewed a book about the financial crisis that was caused by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. If you don’t follow my reviews, the review is here: Resurrecting the Street.

This was a very difficult book for me to finish, not because of the content, not because half the time I didn’t understand what he was talking about, Govie Markets, Repos, blah, blah, blah. The problem was all the memories that it dragged up. Memories that I had shoved to the back of my head, things I didn’t want to think about. It also brought up for me a sense of shame, embarrassment that I don’t remember what the skyline looked like before.

I walked to the river from my office one day and looked toward lower Manhattan, but I had no idea if I was looking in the right spot, coming back from Staten Island I looked at the lights in the buildings, so pretty! Is this where the twin towers were?

People who know me, who know my lousy sense of direction will tell me (I hope) that I shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed, I don’t think that would help. On that day I was at work, I worked in Westchester County at the time, and I remember that day, from the moment someone said, “Someone bombed the World Trade Center.”, to walking down to Cesar’s office and see the flames shooting out of the tower on the TV, running to call my mom so she wouldn’t see the news later and worry. So many details crystal clear in my head, except for that one, where were they and what did the skyline look like? I feel like a bad person.


Because I have an imperfect brain

I forgot something about the 59th Street station when I typed that post. I transfer from there to the “F” train to go to Roosevelt Island. What is unusual is one has to walk to the 63rd Street station to get on the “F” train, this is one of the few stations where there is a ‘free transfer’ option. If you swipe with the same Metrocard you used to get on the first train, there is no additional charge. I don’t think of this because I have a 30-day unlimited card, but if you pay per ride this is a nice feature.

Now we get to the 51st Street station. Nothing really remarkable about this station, nicely kept up and a news stand, but no pretty pictures in the tile, unless, you look at the tile in the number sign, I like how they use different types of blue tile, some shiny some matte, makes for a nice effect.

Here’s a close-up of the blue tile.

This was the last stop for me this trip, the next stop on the green train is Grand Central Terminal. At Grand Central there are many tiles with “42” on them, they are just white tile with black letters. I found a picture on my flash drive.

So I hope you have enjoyed this trip on the ‘Evil Green Train’. Now I am trying to decide if I should continue past 42nd Street for my next series or if I should pick another train line. Stay tuned.