Business trip. Em drove him I went along for the ride. I took my little notebook along. Was planning on a nice entry, all I got was:

Going to Newark with D and Em. He going to Toronto. Em wants me to be sure I know way back
I am trying to write down directions as we go but D’s driving makes me sick.

So did you understand any of that? OK I will explain. D left from Newark, and I went with D and Em to the airport. Reason being, when they fly to Puerto Rico, I will be taking them to the airport and Em wanted me to ride along so I could be sure to know the way home. That doesn’t bother me. What worries me is when I have to drive to the airport by myself to pick them up when they are coming home. Did I ever tell you about picking Em up in Buffalo when we lived there? I couldn’t find the airport. Yes, that big place with the planes.

The rest of this evening was spent playing with the Wii, I got Tigger to make a Mii for me. Then I played bowling with Gwen, then tennis with Stitch, then baseball, then I let Tigger take over with the baseball. Then he and Stitch started playing tennis. That is where I left them. I realized it takes awhile to download a movie and I wanted to download a movie for Em and I to watch tomorrow. There was a major snowstorm forecast for tonight but it hasn’t started yet. The snow that is. I was really hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

1502earringsnailsHowever I promised to write more about Manhattan. First, I had the address of the salon wrong, not the address the cross street. As we stood there and looked at the street sign, Em said, I have West down and this is East, that means the salon is on the other side of Central Park. So we had to walk across Central Park and the up Columbus, because you can’t go straight across the park. We had to stop for lunch then. Em was good and had a salad but I was bad and had a burger, but it was good. On to the salon. Em wanted a spa pedicure and when they asked her which kind she was confused, they had 4 different ‘flavors(?)’ of salts, I guess you would call them. I had a regular pedicure but it included getting my legs exfoliated with some citrus smelling stuff. I also got a leg massage, which I told you about. My calves were still sore this morning! Since I have gel nails, I needed a fill so I had to wait to get my nails done. The lady that did my pedicure gave this little girl a manicure, green polish on one hand and sparkly red on the other. Her mother said, “Now when you get your nails done, you can’t bite them.” In a very soft voice the little girl said, “I won’t mom.” Kind of a sighing voice, like, “Mom, you’ve already told me a hundred times.” Of course Em and I think, since she is a former nail biter and I am a friend of a former nail biter, that its not going to work. But the nails looked very pretty. As do mine now, however if I keep talking about manicures and posting pictures of my nails, I am going to have to change the name of my blog to either Fashionista Bella or Nail Diva Bella, and those are the earrings I bought to replace the earrings I lost, and no I didn’t find them, but I did find my hockey puck.

hockypuckIt’s not really a hockey puck. It is a backup for the computer, like a flash drive. It has been ‘lost’ for over a year, and when I tore my bed apart looking for my earrings, cause I was sure they fell out of the pocket of my sweater when I took it off, and I took it off when I was standing at my bed, I found it on the plywood that is under my mattress. I have no idea how it was there for so long and I never saw it, but . . . I now have it, which is good. I can back up my documents now.