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>All stuffed up, caught a cold, blech

>Em and I are going to the city Saturday. Yes, I will go even with a cold. Just take a box of tissues and I will be fine (I hope).

So today she is sending me e-mails about her horrible no good week, I cannot go into details here but she asked about getting a massage, I started thinking, where did I just read about someone getting a massage? It was Daryl on her blog, so I went to Google, opened my reader and started reading through her post until I found it. Then I sent an e-mail to Em with the name. Exhale Spa.

Of course she wanted me to call to find out how much $ and make the appointment. So then I googled the name and found the website with the phone number. Called to make an appointment for two massages on Saturday, well, the only times that were available were times we couldn’t make. So I made an appointment for her, said I would go another day, HA the girl who doesn’t like to be touched is going to get a massage? Don’t think so.

It’s ok, since she offered to pay for the massage and I’m not getting one, I asked her to pay for my hair appointment. She did, and now I have no more gray.

Then this cold hit, you know how you can be just sneezing and no other symptoms, then all of a sudden, in a second it feels like your have this sinus pressure headache and you are all stuffed up and have no idea how you are going to be able to sleep. I have no cold medicine to take, I used my netti pot but that isn’t lasting. I might sneak upstairs to see if Em has anything I can take. It is too late to take a Tylenol® PM, but that wouldn’t help with the cold symptoms anyway.

On a brighter note, I ordered the tickets for Phantom! Gwen and I are going in April. She needs to for school, Em is having her Administrative Professionals Day so I get to go with Gwen and we are going to see Phantom!

>Rare Red-headed Woodpecker Visits Stony Kill Farm
There’s nothing like a rare bird sighting to attract people to a new bird feeding and viewing area. So, fortune smiled on Stony Kill Farm when its new feeding and viewing area was christened on January 8 by a visit from a red-headed woodpecker. The exciting news of the rare bird’s presence, unmistakable with its totally red head and black and white nearly robin-sized body, soon drew a big crowd.

Rare Bird Alert
In a classic example of nature center and wildlife conservation group cooperation, Stony Kill staff alerted Dutchess County’s Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club, which posted a Rare Bird Alert (RBA) on its website. The next day, club members, visitors of all ages, and DEC staff began flocking to Stony Kill for a look. Within a few days, club photographers had added many photos of the bird, both feeding and in flight, on its website.

As of January 30, the lone male was still visiting Stony Kill’s suet feeder at the Manor House, and the corn crib at the farmstead. If you want to come and see for yourself, please look from indoors at the Manor House to prevent disturbing the bird.

The rare red-headed woodpecker swoops in for some food at Stony Kill—photo courtesy of Steve Golladay

Species of Special Concern
Not to be confused with its near relative, the red-bellied woodpecker whose populations are increasing across New York, the red-headed is in sharp decline and listed as “A Species of Special Concern.” The bird is in trouble despite being at home in old woodland burned areas and recent clearings, as well as wooded parkland and farms where it exploits a diverse variety of food resources. Likely causes are loss of habitat from land development and nest hole competition with European starlings.

Red-headed woodpeckers feed on insects on bark and foliage, and sometimes even snag flying insects, flycatcher-like, in mid-air. Plant foods include acorns, beechnuts, corn, berries and seeds, which are cached in natural cavities. Starlings and jays often raid cache sites. Compare nest site maps from 1980-85 to those from 2000-05 in the newly published Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State by viewing the atlas’s database comparison map on DEC’s website.


>Yesterday I went out to lunch in the cold snowy weather, very icky, I was wearing my crocs and not the fuzzy ones and no socks. In my head I wrote a blog post complete with snazzy title and calling myself an intrepid girl reporter and bemoaning the fact that I didn’t check the weather report and so didn’t have the proper footwear but had worn my gray jacket. As you can see the post never made it here.

This post that was in my head never made it to my blog and if you are a regular reader you know this is not the first time this has happen. What I want to know is why? Why can’t it go from head to blog?