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>Long and lovely

>the girl from . . .

Huh what? Oh sorry.

I got a request from one of my regular readers for a picture of my nails. They do look very nice, unfortunately my hands do not. My skin is dry and I have cuts and such. I managed to take a nice picture of the nails as you can see.

A little blurry, it’s the best I could do. The nail polish is mine, that I got at Sally’s and thought was red, it’s dark pink, so I can touch it up if need be. The gel nails are so nice. Tigger said they were long and beautiful.

>I found this at the park, on one of the picnic tables, written on, front cover missing, first page torn.

As I was leaving, I found this on the grass between the picnic table and the parking lot. I don’t know if you can see from the cover, but the book is Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

I know some people might be thinking, “Oh its just a cheap paperback.” To me it is important, I feel cheap paperbacks are printed to encourage people to read, they should not be scribbled on and torn and left in parks! Unless you’re releasing them. But I can think of lots of better places to ‘release‘ a book.

>Our freezer died one day. The one in the basement, we still had the one attached to the fridge so we didn’t lose any food. D and Em bought a new one. Today it was delivered, D made a space for it yesterday and moved the old one out.

When I came home from work and opened the door to the basement, Butterscotch was not trying to get upstairs. I wondered why, it didn’t take long to find out the reason. He found a new perch. He was in kitty heaven. I think he slept up there. Such a silly kitty.

His fun is not over now that the old freezer is gone and the new one delivered. When I got home from Allsport, there were cat paw prints all over the new freezer.

He’s having a long and animated conversation. But with an empty chair. At least it looks empty to me.

>I just dropped my car off for an oil change, now I am having breakfast at DD. When I get the car back I am going to get my nails done then my hair cut. After getting make-up last night and the car today I don’t feel like paying for a dye job. Then hall cleaning then Allsport. I have to go eat my breakfast now.