>So I wake up this morning with this cold, blech. But I decide I should go to work anyway to finish up some things. I catch the 6:33, which is O.K., I mean it gets me to NY in time, I just don’t like it. I stopped to get Theraflu at RiteAid, still have time, get some tea at Starbucks, everything is going fine until I get to the 7 train, and it is not running.

Then I got on the wrong train, had to get off and backtrack and that train was so crowded, I was standing next to this young man, so close that my hair was sticking to his coat, I didn’t want to brush it off since I was feeling that would call attention to me and with this cold I am already having trouble breathing. When the train stopped, I pushed my way out and ran to the wall, out of the stream of traffic, claustrophobia running amok.

Then I couldn’t remember what letter train. All I could remember was it was orange. So I took the orange train and got off at 21st street and finally made it to work at 9:00 am. >^, ,^<