Archive for February 24, 2009

>Pretty blue phone.

>Stitch got a Blitz. Small and blue, like Stitch. He is at class right now so I am waiting for him to get home before I activate it, since he won’t be able to use his phone once I activate the new phone. He is really excited to get it. So is Tigger. I broke my rule and let Tigger play with it a little, now it is sitting in its box and I am sitting on my bed waiting for Stitch to get home.

Not much else to say, except I wish I had stayed home to nurse this cold a little longer. And that is a pain dealing with some of my co-workers when I am well, so dealing with them when I don’t feel well is . . .

I made Em and my appointment for a massage today, no the appointment is not today, I called today. Still haven’t got the tickets for Phantom, but the charge went through.

Right now I am going upstairs for a cuppa. I will be back tomorrow.



Washed my sheets and blankets yesterday when I was home. Last night it was so nice to snuggle under blankies smelling like detergent and fabric softener, except, Em buys the Free and Clear so they only smelled like dryer sheets. Still, they were soft and clean, that is really all I wanted.
Today I headed back to work wearing my new NYC hat. Yes it is still February in New York so it is still cold and hats are needed, I even had to put my hood up while walking to my office from the subway. I also wrapped my scarf around my hands 'cause my gloves were in my bag. I made a stop at RiteAid on the way in. So here I am at my desk with my anti-viral Kleenex®, Imodium A-D®, and Halls®, I should have no problem making it to 4:30 p.m.