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>So so

>That is how my internet connection is, so I am typing this in a hurry to get it in here.

The tickets for Phantom came, they are safe and sound in my underwear drawer. Well at $XXX each I wasn’t about to risk putting them someplace where I would forget them!

Em has a list of movies for us to watch when D is in Toronto. Full Metal Jacket, Signs of Live (One for Sorrow, Two for Joy), Mystic Pizza and/Or Thumbsucker. This is what I was doing today when I should have been working. Besides plotting ways to kill my very annoying co-worker, who almost got flattened when he raised his fist to me.

>Once again


Once again, I promised myself I would get up when my alarm went off.
Once again, I stayed up too late (this time I was reading The Devil's Feathers)
Once again, I was rushing around throwing on clothes and slapping on foundation and blush (this cold has drained all color from my face. With the exception of my nasal mucus, it is now a icky green)