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>Write on! Respect the Blog

>Don Mills Diva wrote a post recently, check it out and if you like it/agree with her copy the link and write a post about why your blog should be respected.

My blog started as a way to keep track of my Weight Watchers progress. I was hoping that putting my numbers ‘out there’ would help me stay on track. Well, Weight Watchers is not going so good, but I now have three blogs and am having a great time. I have this blog, a blog for books and a blog for crafts. Blogging is like a door to another world.

This has become my outlet for my thoughts, and that is all I ever wanted it to be, if you were to read my diary it is about the same. Nothing is too personal, that is still saved for my diary that is hidden in my . . . Well never mind I am getting off track. I don’t have a degree in journalism, or any degree for that matter, no one who tells me they like my blog goes on to ask, BTW Do you have a degree? Most comment on how beautiful my blog is, that makes me happy, probably the artist in me that wants everything I touch to be beautiful.

So merely the fact that I am a human being with feelings, this is not a computer stringing words together, I deserve respect and by extension so does my blog.

Thanks for listening.

>and I am so glad to be going home today, which you can probably tell by the fact I am blogging instead of downstairs enjoying the complementary breakfast.

This is a nice room and it is warm, perhaps a little too warm, the heat has raised dry skin patches on my legs and itching. No tub either. The only mirror is behind the sink so I have to lean across this counter to put in my contacts and put on my make-up which I definitely need cause my nose and surrounding check area look like crap. And since I forgot my bottle of Tylenol®, I had to pay $2 for 4 tablets. I am also bloated from not enough water and too much restaurant/deli food. Not to mention drinking every night!

I have also not had the time or energy to take care of my tag. I have not forgotten I am planning to do that tonight also, or maybe tomorrow. And there was a blog I read that I wanted to comment on. That will also have to wait. Until I do, I leave you with this thought.


>I had some clever thoughts to post today and I missed it, it is now tomorrow. And I was tagged for a picture but I can’t think to do it. I really should just forget it all and go to sleep. The problem is, the tag is from Marta’s Meanerings, and it is a picture tag, if you click the link you can see, my problem is, I don’t have 5 photo folders. I am at a lose as to what to do. So I am just going to sleep now and try to figure out something later.