>But I have more visitors and more followers. When I go to their blogs, I always think they are so much better and more interesting then mine!

I also have another page in my guestbook, happy days! I get so excited over this little expressions of kindness.

Tomorrow I am going to Albany for three days, I was supposed to pack tonight, but my clothes are not dry. I probably should put them in the dryer, but I hate putting my sweaters in the dryer, I am always afraid they will shrink and look horrible. I guess I will have to put them in for a little bit, if I get most of the wetness out, they will dry by morning and I can throw them in the suitcase.

The other thing of concern is the weather. It was snowing when I got home and as you know, Albany is north of here! I made sure to get a snow brush this time, and they gave me a Ford Escape 4×4, my GPS is working and I got a car power thingy so I can plug in my phone and use Verizon Navigator if I have to.

Now I am going to pack. No sense putting it off.