>The train is not just for going to work. I like to take the train to spend the day in the city. Like last Saturday, Em and I spent all day in the city. Got back in time to watch the Yankees lose …. but I’m not going to think about that right now.

The day started with my trip to Weight Watchers (something else I’m not talking about) and we went to breakfast then the train, I missed the memo about that and didn’t have my face on. So our first stop in the city was at Sephora’s so I could get moisturizer with sunscreen. Then we headed up to the crocs store. Em was hoping they would be having clearance sales. They weren’t. But I’m getting ahead of myself. On the way to the Crocs store, Em stopped at this vendor with a sign, $5 glass jewelry. She motioned me to come, “These are kind of pretty.” Even though the Crocs store wasn’t having a clearance sale, she still found some nice sandals, funny shaped I thought but she said they were very comfortable, and in light blue. Next we went to Cafe Frida, our favorite Mayan restaurant for a light lunch, that ended up leaving us full for the rest of the day.

We were walking through Central Park and suddenly Em stopped. “All these times and I never noticed that.” I looked where she was pointing at a water fountain. We watched as a boy pushed a button at the bottom of the fountain and his poodle took a drink. After they left left I walked over and took a closer look. The bottom of the fountain is a bowl, and the spout put water into the bowl, for your dog. New Yorkers love their pets. I thought that was pretty cool. I mean, obviously, cause I took a picture of it.

We then went down to see Ashley so Em could get prices on jewelry and Ashley could look at my ear. My sore pierced ear, except it is no so sore anymore, and very, very pretty.

And I can’t remember what else? We ended up at the Irish pub eating nachos with cheesecake for dessert and I had Kahlua and club soda. Long tiring but fun day.