The events of the past week have caused me to think about winter, specifically why I like winter. I like snow and I like cold air, but on the other hand ….

The excema on my eyelids flares up in the wintertime due to the cold air. Nice scaley red lids, not a good look for me. Also my arthritis in my knee, which as I get older is spreading down to my ankle and up to my hip. Or maybe just the pain is spreading. The skin on my thumbs cracks, I have to put Vaseline in my nose so I don’t get nosebleeds. So why do I love winter?

Winter is when the snow falls, snow is beautiful and fun (when you’re not buried in it 😉 ) more importantly, winter is a season. I grew up in Florida, we tracked the seasons on the calendar. There was no turning of the leaves, no days getting shorter and colder it was rainy and humid or dry and humid. In New York there are seasons, winter, summer, spring and autumn. Separate and distinct; each with things to love and things to hate. So maybe it’s not winter I love, it’s winter in New York I love. Because good or bad, I’m not leaving.

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