>When I said I was going to post everyday this year, I should have taken a moment to think first. Here it is the middle of January and I have already run out of things to say.

Seriously! How many posts can I make about the trouble with MetroNorth and what an ass**** my boss is and how the cold is affecting my skin and lungs before people’s eyes start to glaze over and they fall down dead? Well maybe not dead, I mean I hope not dead.

What really annoys me is thinking of something and wanting to write about it, but at the time I can’t, then when I get here and open my computer, …… nothing is there, the idea is gone. So take notes I think, but it never happens.

This is momentary, this will pass, if I keep writing. Rob Thomas says, keep writing, even if you know it is crap, just keep writing, the creativity will come. Hopefully, I won’t lose everyone that follows me while I’m spouting drivel.