>People are such creatures of habit. Like the man I saw giving directions to a blind man and he was pointing! I almost said ‘Dude, he can’t see you.’ Well, I hope he got where he was going. My throat is sore and Em just told me Fred might have strep. She says ‘Joy’ I say yuck.

I bought a new cane today. It is pretty, it has flowers, and is almost identical to my other cane. Since I climbed over that guard rail my knee has been hurting me. I got some cute pictures from H that I will post later. Now I should do some work.

I left work early, just couldn’t stay there with my ill feelings. My head was stuffed up and achy and my throat was sore and I have trouble breathing. I was going to buy some music by The Police, but I don’t know if I should. I have CD’s that I could sync to my MP3 player, except I don’t feel like it.–