>and I have to agree with ‘BOOW‘ that Lipton is rubbish. Actually I think he said that ALL American tea is rubbish.

Have I ever said that I like the way the British use the word ‘rubbish’? They use it for lots of things, not just when they are talking about trash. Also, I like the way my mouth feels when you say it, my lips smack together on the b’s.

Back to tea, I was going to try a British tea so I went to Amazon and ‘GASP’ $8.00+ for a box of tea?! Well, I’m American so I think I can be forgiven for sticking with Twinings. Besides I can buy Twinings loose. The loose tea is what is in the jar, which is actually an olive jar. I kept spilling the tea when I was wrestling with the tin it came in. These little jars are quite handy, I use one as a little bank on my desk at work.

Got these dollar coins when I bought M’s train ticket. I noticed there was no date on them. The date is on the edge of the coin. Date, ‘E pluribus unum’, and ‘In God We Trust’. Pretty cool huh? And speaking of coins, I just brought home a bunch in a ziploc baggie. I need to roll them so I can cash them in.