>I put in my new contacts this morning. I can actually feel the difference. Yesterday I finally called Lancôme to make an appointment for facials for Em & I. Ended up just she is getting a facial which is fine cause I really didn’t want one.

I saw a patch

of blue sky and now it is gone all I can see now are gray clouds. All I can smell is Fritos but for some reason they smell like corn nuts, I think I can smell aftershave or men’s cologne. Maybe it is the combination of smells.

We are the express train we are going fast, whoosh we just passed the local, whoosh we just passed Philipse Manor.

On another blog I was reading someone recommended a cold sufferer to use a ‘Nessi Pot’, she asked what is an Nessi Pot? I responded that I didn’t know what a Nessi Pot is but I use a Neti Pot and would post a picture of it on here. As you can see, I took two pictures.

This is used to rinse or cleanse your sinuses by pouring saline solution through your nose. The first few times I did it I didn’t do it right. Then I figured out how to use it. The first time I used it correctly, I thought I was going to DIE! Now that I have gotten a little better at it, I love it, it is great for cold and allergies, really helps me breathe better when I get stuffed up. Dr. Sharma recommends it too.