>Em sent me the e-mail that I posted below. I added the colors, I was going to make them all different fonts but decided that was too much work. My head is still feeling like someone is inside trying to get out. I have been eating food I am allergic to, I have to stop that. I have to go to bed earlier also. Right now I have to go upstairs to take a shower and get D’s e-mail address for BN. I don’t know if I want to read or watch TV, what I should do is put my aching head to bed to see if that fixes it. If I don’t come back tonight, that is what I am doing.

Tigger bought some songs, he said he would share them with me, so far he hasn’t. I am tempted to go upstairs and send them to me, but I don’t know where he saved them. Anyway, I just changed my password so he can’t get into the account anymore. I just don’t know if he has to enter it to buy anymore songs. What I mean is the computer upstairs was signed into my account, I don’t know if he signed out and if he didn’t, if changing my account will stop him from being able to buy anymore songs. I mean, he won’t buy them without my permission, but he promised to send them to me and he hasn’t. That annoys me.