>I was just going to tack this on to the other post but well, thought I should start another. After I posted this morning, I went to Allsport with Em. Well, first we went to lunch at Panera, then after Allsport we went to the mall. Her DVD player quit and so she was thinking about getting another one. We ended up both getting portable DVD players, Philips, they are pink for Susan Komen Breast Cancer. After we got home, I went to the library to return my books and decided to pick up some movies to watch on my new DVD player. I haven’t yet because Forensic Files was on and then Primeval. So now I am back on my computer and don’t really have time to watch a movie.

On another subject, one of my dresses came. If it fits, I am wearing it tomorrow for service and the meeting.

Not much left to say, I am going to check WW and then maybe watch something on BBC America’s website.