>Last night I got out my album and put in the Concerts, Plays and Movies I have seen. I don’t know if it is a complete list, frankly, I don’t remember if I got information from anywhere else when I made the first list.

I added a Salada Tag Line, I am adding all the ones I get now even the ones I don’t like or don’t understand.

I was seriously considering leaving early but didn’t, now it is too late but I am having a hard time doing anything my head is hurting today. I don’t know if I should take Tylenol® or Aleve®. It is a headache but my neck is tight also. I just took 2 Aleve®. We will see how that works.

So the Aleve® sort of worked. I didn’t make it to Allsport but I did go to Borders. I used my two coupons to get a Zagat guide and the Moleskin New York book. I also got Love, Lies, and Murder by Gary C. King. He wrote Blood Lust which I loved. I was looking for Driven to Kill but they didn’t have it.

And Cookie sent me this ring. It is a secret why she sent it. All will be revealed later. I put it on because she asked me if I was wearing it, I took a picture and sent it to her.

And just in case you didn’t know, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.