Just a minute ago I tried going here with my phone, like I’ve done before and I kept getting an error message. I was going to try to update my post, oh well. My shoulder is getting worse, more pain and less mobility. I really don’t want to go to the doctor but soon I may not have a choice. If it gets to where I can’t move it at all I will go.

Bye Bye

Suzi >^..^<

Today was my day for allergy shot, I had them all in my right arm since my left arm is in pain. For some reason, the shots don’t seem to hurt as much as they usually do. On my way home from the doctors, I stopped at Barnes and Noble to get coffee and a snack. When I went in, I remembered that I can’t find my blue flower bookmark, so I went to get another one. They didn’t have that one, but they did have a gold one that is a flower with a butterfly on it. So I got it. However, on my way to the bookmarks, I noticed they have appointment books. So I got my weekly planner that I always get for work and I got a daily one to use for writing my food in. I think that will work very well since the days are already written in for me. So instead of coffee and a snack, I spent $30.

The bookmark is wrapped around The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly, ready to go in the bag for work tomorrow. This is the other shirt I bought at the concert, I am thinking about giving it to Gwen, but not seriously!