>I hate having to wait until I get to work to eat. The thing is, I would have to get up at 4:00 am to be able to have breakfast at home. That is something that will never happen. So I am stuck just dealing with it. Real age says to lose weight you need to eat within an hour of rising. Maybe that is why my weight lose averages 0.4 a week and M’s is 2 pounds a week!

There is a raffle at GCT. Two cars, one is a gunmetal gray, Maserati Quattroporte and the other is a cherry red Maserati Gran Turismo. They are selling 400 tickets at $1,000 a ticket for the Quattroporte car. That means the car is $400,000. They are selling 300 tickets at $1,000 a ticket for the Gran Turismo, so it is only $300,000. Click this link to read the article in the New York Times. So someone is going to get a car worth at least $300,000 dollars for $1,000. It won’t be me, I am trying to sell the car I have! I remember another raffle they had, the Maserati was tangerine (really!) and the doors opened up. That was a very cool car.

I had a ‘only in New York’ thought when I was crossing the street coming into work from the 7 train. “Only in New York would you find a bunch of remotes scattered all over the street.”

My boss is still trying to get the address to my blog. He asked for an excerpt from it. I didn’t want to because I thought he meant send him a link to a post from the blog and then he would be able to find it, so he said no do a cut and paste. So I did the one from homecoming, making sure to take out any links to my blog in the document.