Yesterday, I did not turn on my computer at all. After the meeting, Em and I went to Danbury, she is looking for navy blue capris to wear to Manhattan. She didn’t find any. We did find these cool bags at Eddie Bauer though. Em’s is blue and mine is burgundy. It has bunches of pockets and stuff to carry things. Saturday we went to Macy’s cause Em saw that they were having an online Lancôme sale. Well, they were also having it at the store, so she got makeup and I got eyeliner and we got 2 free gifts. I am not wearing the eye shadow today, because I overslept and didn’t have time. Tomorrow I will have to try harder.



Bella >^..^<

I am so disgusted, I am wearing a top that I used to look cute in, and now I look fat in it. I suppose I should have waited to wear it, but for some reason I just put it on cause I was wearing my black pants. I looked in the mirror at work and went yuk! More incentive to stay on track until I lose the weight.

Well, I was eating well today, then I started to eat my popcorn and I had a really bad tummy ache. Then I had to go to the bathroom. I managed to get all the way home before the really bad stuff came out, then I took my imodium and got in bed. Then Gwen called me for dinner, so I put my nightgown and robe on, went upstairs and had a hamburger, comfort food. And got grease on my nightgown and robe. So when I came back downstairs I put them both in the hamper. Now I am just sitting on my bed wrapped up in my soft fleece blankets. I wish there was a way I could lie down and type.

Yesterday I was wearing my Gap jeans. They are tight, but I was able to get them on.