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Told a little lie

If you look at my sidebar you will see the picture I have posted here and underneath the caption, “Count ’em! 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4; No more piercing! If you have been reading this blog you may have got the impression I have decided to add one more earring to the collection. I know I mentioned it on Twitter. So the No More Piercing was a lie. At the time I wrote that, that was my intention. However, I will still have the same number of piercings.

The reason for that is, I had to take one of the earrings out. Not in this ear, in my other ear, the deformed ear that I don’t let show. Its not horribly deformed, I mean it still looks like an ear, but I am rather self-conscious about it. Anyway, Monday I removed the fourth earring from the other ear, it hasn’t healed, hurts when it gets bumped (being that it is winter and my coat has a high collar it gets bumped a lot) and I haven’t been able to wear a hat over my ears all winter. Not only that, but it is closer to the 3rd hole then the 4th hole in my right ear, so they are uneven.

You can imagine how annoyed that makes me.

>Pictures around the neighborhood

This is Mount Beacon, yes I know some of you are thinking, that’s a mountain? Hey, I didn’t name it, I just live here. Anyway, I thought the way the sunset turned the trees into something that looks like a red burr haircut on the mountain was kind of cool. The white of course is snow.

And these are clouds. Just clouds.

>I have this thing where I feel I need to write things in sequential order. For example, I don’t want to blog about Monday before I blog about the weekend. Not that anything exciting happened either time. Just that my thoughts about Monday have to come after my thoughts about the weekend. Which is kind of stupid, I think, but I still have a problem with it. I could always blog about my weekend now in this e-mail post, but I had pictures to go with it. Not special pictures, just of the mountain and the clouds.

Last night I was going to post the pictures and everything, but I won an award on my other blog so I had to take care of that. Acceptance speech, where to send the money, who to invite to the ceremony, I kid. After I did all that is involved in a blog award it was late and I had to check my messages and then had to reply. There are some people I drop everything to reply to. There are others … well you know. It’ll be a cold day in ….
On Saturday Em and I ordered tires for Amy. Stitch has been having to put air in one of the tires every other day, or every third day, I forget. So the tires are ordered and when they come in he can take the car and get the tires put on. Then we went to Danbury since she wanted to go to Sephora. Of course that is a dangerous place to go for me, I now want some glitter eyeshadow from Urban Decay. I put some on and it looked so cool. OK I now have my happenings out of order, I will just have to deal.
On the way to Danbury she told me D has decided on surgery rather then radiation treatments. Actually she told me Friday, in a text message, in her text message she said, “If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”. Saturday she told me, ‘D told the kids last night he was having surgery.’ It is scheduled for May 4 which coincidentally is the day before their anniversary. I’m guessing, (and this is just a guess, based on previous conversations with her) that when she told him that if he got his parts irradiated, there would be no sex until the radiation was out of his system, he started leaning toward surgery. Sometimes, men are so easy. When they are not being freakin’ idiots that is.
There was more I was going to say, it has departed the brain. Yesterday morning I was 135.8, so I am happy happy. 20 pounds to go to my goal goal, .8 to my first goal. With a little bit to lose, I celebrate every 5 pounds.

>I always do this

>Everytime Em and I go to Manhattan, I say, to myself usually, that I am going to blog about it Sunday. Everytime. And here I am again, a week later and nothing is written about it. Not to mention all the other things I have floating around in my head waiting to be blogged about. I have these wonderfully written posts written in my head and that is exactly where they stay, in my head until they disappear and then I sit here thinking, Now what was I going to say?

The last time we went to the city, which was a week ago yesterday, don’t want anyone to get their Saturdays confused here, we took Tigger and Fred. It had snowed and they wanted to see Central Park covered in snow, they also wanted to go to the Apple Store. When we got to GCT, Em was leaving for her nail appointment, leaving the boys with me, and they wanted to leave. I told them, I have to have my tea and yogurt from Starbucks, they wanted to know if they could start off and I catch up, Em and I both said, “NO”. So they waited. We left GCT and as we were walking down 42nd Street to 5th Avenue, one of them says, “I need a bathroom.” HUH? Weren’t we just at GCT, where there are bathrooms and why didn’t you say something then? ‘I didn’t have to go then.’ So So SO aggravating. The only place I could think of to take them was the library, and then I walked the wrong way on 5th Ave. Then I told them not to lose sight of me, and they said they didn’t, but I couldn’t see them. I was a little annoyed. Then in the park they started kicked a snow clot around. It got smaller and smaller until it was no more, no problem, they just got another. I was annoyed, as Em said later, she would have just ignored them. But since I’m not their mother, I don’t have that luxury. I tried to ignore them, watching the seals swim around and around, don’t they know how cold it is? Then Tigger gave me the camera, because he didn’t want anything to happen to it in his quest for revenge. Then Fred came back to stand between me and the fence, away from Tigger and when I looked at Tigger he had ice on his face and he was bleeding. When I told him that, he announced that Fred was now dead. This video was taken with my cell phone.

The cuts on his face from the ice weren’t that bad, and his eye didn’t swell up too bad, and he did eventually forgive his brother. Em met up with us in the park, pretty steamed up because she had a hard time finding us. Partially my fault, I told her we were near Wollman Rink. I said that because there was a sign with an arrow, guess we weren’t really that close to it. We took a carriage ride through the park (Em had promised Fred), with a smelly rug that was supposed to keep our legs warm. The driver pointing out where all the celebrities owned apartments. None of them were celebrities we cared about.

We finished up the day meeting a friend of the boys at Annie Moore’s for dinner. Em was proud of herself for not getting a scotch. Next up I will tell you about yesterday. Not nearly as exciting.

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Recipes for people with allergies.

>a funny thing happened

>yesterday morning. I was at the train station as per usual, the train pulled in and we all crowded around the doors waiting for them to open, and waiting, and waiting. In a kind of half whisper voice I said: ‘Do we have to say the magic word?’ Then the doors opened. I have power! Or at least it felt like it for a moment. All the others (the ones that heard me that is) laughed. Timing is everything.

Once again I cannot access Facebook from my phone. It is not an internet problem as you can see, I got to my e-mail just fine. However, as I am falling asleep, I will end this.

>I added pages, and have no idea what they are about. So I am just playing around with my blog. I have to post for Saturday, Em, Tigger, Fred and I went to the city, Fred hit Tigger with an ice ball when we were at Central Park and cut up his eye. Still waiting to see if there will be blood involved in his revenge.

We had more snow fall after that trip. Driving through town it was like a winter wonderland. It was wet snow and it stuck to everything.

>Check out this blog

>Element 22

>Snow in the city and when I left the subway station there was ice all over the sidewalk. You would think they would do a better job of clearing the sidewalk considering how many people walk down it. What am I saying? This is Queens.

The stupidity is my own, I put my soda in the freezer to get it cold so I could have it with my breakfast, and forgot about it. Anybody want a diet pepsi Popsicle?

>Friday with a friend

>My old boss Gary (not his real name) sent me an e-mail. Actually, he had mentioned getting together again the last time we had lunch, so the e-mail was to tell me he couldn’t make it the day he suggested. He wanted to go the next Friday since it was Restaurant Week in NYC.

That didn’t work out either, however I noticed the website said some restaurants were extending the week to the end of the month. The restaurant I wanted to go to was Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse on Park Ave South at 19th Street which I had never been to, but I have been to Maxie’s Grill around the corner. I called them and I was told, “Yes the Restaurant week prices are in effect for the whole month.” So I made a reservation for last Friday, the 12th, for Gary and me. In case you don’t know what Restaurant Week is, twice a year restaurants offer three-course, prix-fixe meals for $24.07 for lunch, $35 for dinner. The first week in February is one of the times it is offered.

The first course was a choice of House or Caesar Salad or Soup of the Day. Gary had the House Salad and I had Split Pea Soup. The salad was huge, and I got a full bowl of soup. I hadn’t finished it by the time the second course got there. Second course was choice of Grilled Filet Mignon (au poivre or béarnaise available)
Charbroiled New York Sirloin Steak
1 ½ pound Herb-Roasted Chicken
Broiled Salmon over Fresh Sautéed Vegetables

Gary got the NY Strip and I got the Filet Mignon with nothing on it. It was cooked to perfection and oh so tender. I ate every bite. Dessert was a choice of Cheesecake, Ice cream or Fresh Fruit. I got the Cheesecake, Gary got the Fresh Fruit, I think, to tell the truth, I was at the end of my very large Makers Mark Manhattan and he could have gotten just about anything and I wouldn’t have noticed. Anyway, the cheesecake was a chocolate marbled cheesecake and drizzled with raspberry sauce. It was also very delicious. And the service was impeccable, our server was pleasant, we were not ignored at any time during the meal. We got a basket of bread at almost the instant we sat down, someone came by to take our drink order even before the server got to us, dishes were picked up when done, crumbs were swept off the table when they took the dishes.

When we left Gary wanted to walk up Madison because, that’s where all the bars are. We found two right away, the first one I don’t remember the name, I do remember it is over a hundred years old and the barmaid was Irish. They also had Rugby jerseys up on the wall and Arkansas Razerback stuff. Quite interesting. The other bar is pictured here, I have more pictures in my slideshow in my sidebar, including the ‘country’ decor and an old railroad train car(I think that is what it was). We ended our trip at the Mexican place in GCT where Gary had his usual margarita and I had my Kahlúa and cream.