If you look at my sidebar you will see the picture I have posted here and underneath the caption, “Count ’em! 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4; No more piercing! If you have been reading this blog you may have got the impression I have decided to add one more earring to the collection. I know I mentioned it on Twitter. So the No More Piercing was a lie. At the time I wrote that, that was my intention. However, I will still have the same number of piercings.

The reason for that is, I had to take one of the earrings out. Not in this ear, in my other ear, the deformed ear that I don’t let show. Its not horribly deformed, I mean it still looks like an ear, but I am rather self-conscious about it. Anyway, Monday I removed the fourth earring from the other ear, it hasn’t healed, hurts when it gets bumped (being that it is winter and my coat has a high collar it gets bumped a lot) and I haven’t been able to wear a hat over my ears all winter. Not only that, but it is closer to the 3rd hole then the 4th hole in my right ear, so they are uneven.

You can imagine how annoyed that makes me.