>I came home from work early yesterday. Em called and said it was sleeting at home, so even though it was just rain in NYC, I came home. It was kind of nasty, not so nasty that I couldn’t take Gwen up to the DCC South Campus to pick something up for the disabilities office. Not that it did any good, since when she and Stitch left this morning, they couldn’t get out of the development. The problem with living in a private development is one has to wait for the landlord (or his maintenance guy, who he doesn’t pay just gives him a place to live) to come clear the roads; on the plus side, he plows out the driveway so we don’t have to.

So here is what the road in front of our house looked like this morning. It has since been sort of cleaned up. I’m glad since I have to go out in a little bit. We are supposed to get more snow, which means the possibility of a snow day (except today wasn’t my day off, it was my regular Wednesday off) and if we are having a snow day I have to have chips, and hot cocoa, and cinnamon sugar oatmeal. You get the idea. I am also sure that Amy needs gas, so I will need to put some in her.

Even though I didn’t go out I had a productive day. My order came from VSD, two pairs of shoes, but one was the wrong color. So I called them and the lady was ever so nice, she is shipping out the correct color by Express Mail (I never use Express Mail) and I have 30 days to ship the other shoes back (I am sure they will be going back in a lot less time) with no charge to me.

Then since I got new shoes, I had to clean out my closet. I had a bunch of boxes (don’t know what I was saving them for) and a few pairs of shoes that I never wear, a couple of them I tried to put on and they were too tight, I think my feet have grown.

Last thing I did was go to church, which they rushed through so everyone could get home early. After that I put gas in Amy and went to the grocery store, to get the above mentioned chips and hot cocoa in case we have a snow day tomorrow.