>Iota Manhattan of Not wrong, just different recently posted about when she first started blogging, she was reminiscing about bloggers she knew from long ago.

It got me started thinking about my blog, how long its been around and why I started it, and why I keep going.

I created this blog (with a different name) on November 27, 2006 and my first post was titled; “First Post” (you can go back and check for yourself, but I would prefer if you didn’t). I was a member of Weight Watchers back then and wanted to keep track of my progress and my thoughts, on the WW website, you can track your weight and interact with others, but I wanted to just talk about what I was experiencing and thought a blog would work. Also, I have kept a diary since I was about 10, rather sporadically, but I kept going back, that was another reason for starting a blog.

Putting my thoughts on the internet seemed safe, after all, who would want to read what I wrote? Then on December 21, 2006, someone commented. I had been going happily along writing whatever the fuck I wanted, now I was scared, people were reading! Then after that comment, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing, until the fall of 2008. Even then, I have never had a ton of comments. The most was when I joined a meme, Postcard Friday Friendship (which I can’t keep steadily at due to my ADD), and sometimes I get a wee bit jealous of some bloggers who get a ton of comments on their blog. But that’s how it goes, I have regular readers and some who comment of Facebook. I feel like I have a little circle of friends, kind of like my life, a small circle of people who know me and love me anyway.

Over the years this blog has changed, as have I. The name has changed and the content, I’ve joined Twitter and Facebook and linked my blogs to them. I learned simple html commands so I can manipulate a few things. And blogger has added things to make blogging better. I created other blogs, one for book reviews, one for crafts and one devoted to the New York Yankees. Some people wonder how I manage 4 blogs, well it’s like this, I try to post in this blog everyday, the others are more event specific and when something happens (I read a book, I make something, I go to a game) then I blog in them. One new thing is pages, I am considering adding a page to this blog and linking to the posts where my poetry is. I might even write more poetry who knows, inspiration comes and goes.