>Yes, sometimes commuting is an adventure especially if you don’t know if you will make make it home without being arrested.

The adventure begins when I check my facebook status, what? No of course I wasn’t using my work computer. One of the kids had posted,
Oh bother. Then I got a text message from another child with the same message along with the suggestion to come home, nothing to do about it. Of course then I’m wondering if I get to Beacon if I’ll be able to get home from the train station. Without walking that is. So after opening the mail and putting the new toner in the storeroom I re-suited up to go outside.

In the two block walk, my coat got soaked, bottom two inches of my jeans got soaked, the back of my calves got soaked … but I did get a shot of a broken umbrella!

Then it was to Dishes for a grilled cheese sandwich because, I was hungry. Then to find a seat with a table, reason being the last time I ate a Dishes grilled cheese sandwich without a table I lost half of my sandwich to the floor. ‘Excuse me Miss, does your umbrella need its own seat? Thought so.’ “Side Car Dining Area” (should have taken a picture of that) usually has empty tables and chairs. I dumped my heavy bags on a chair and sat across from them and ate my sandwich. I like Dishes grilled cheese sandwich, except when they burn it.

My story has to end now, or at least pause, I am on the train and looking out the window at the snow covered earth. The next stage begins in Beacon.