>It didn’t get up to 50ºF today, it barely got up past freezing. This time when I went out to lunch I wrapped my scarf around my head. I did that because I wanted to keep my ears warm and I didn’t want my hair flying all around. However, when I was writing down my purchase from Lowe’s in my book, I noticed that it said telescoping snow brush, so when I got to the train station I pulled it out, sure enough it said it goes to 54″ so I pulled it out, it was then long enough to push all the snow off my car. There is still a little on top that is frozen solid, but the big ‘snow hat’ is gone.

This morning I sprayed my perfume on after I put the scarf on, I thought I got my neck but evidently some got on my scarf, every time I picked it up to put it on I could smell my perfume.

Brian and I have been e-mailing each other a lot. It started when I sent him the picture of him in Lake Placid, then today I sent him a link to my pictures from NYC with Em and Stitch and Fred. Then the e-mails got a little silly, so I sent him this picture. I am waiting to hear what he thinks of it. I also sent him the link to the rest of the Lake Placid pictures. I hope he likes all the pictures I sent.