>even though I didn’t go to work. First thing, I took Stitch up to school. Then I got the packages ready to mail, which included sending an e-mail to one of the recipients so she knows it is coming. Then I went to the post office to mail them, right before my Doctor’s appointment, and I would have made it on time, if I hadn’t forgotten my checkbook! Well, I had also forgotten the slip that said I got a flu shot so that gave me an excuse to go back and get it. The doctor gave me a scrip for an antibiotic and some Allegra-d for the congestion. We’ll see how I do with that. I dropped the scrip off at the pharmacy then came home, they said it would be about 1-½ hours so I wasn’t waiting around. Then I picked up Gwen and we went to lunch and the mall just to kill some time, Em asked us to get her something at Penney’s so we did that. Then home, then to get the prescription. Oh boy, I’m tired now and I still have to go to the meeting!

When I got home I saw a printout of the page from the Dutchess County Health Department about the “shave-off”. Tigger’s picture is on it! Click on his name to see it. He is so cute.

I got some new nail polish at the mall. Not at trade secret, at the cheap store, I don’t remember the name but I got OPI for less than $6. All I can see for a color is OPI Ink. It is dark purple with a shimmer to it. I really like it, Gwen picked it out.

Now I need to get ready for the meeting. I have to wash my face and brush my teeth. My armpit is, well not really hurting, kind of irritated feeling, I put witch hazel on it after I removed the hair last night, but it still feels sore.