I finished Descent into Hell, then was looking at the computer and was sure I had a book but it wasn’t on my shelf, so i started looking for it, found it under my bed covered in dust and cobwebs, then started reading it. So I was up way to late and now am paying for it.

Today I went to the book study, went to lunch and shopping with M., took the boys to the pool while I worked out (I bought new exercise bras, I had to try them out). Now I am falling asleep and my head is killing me.

So I fell asleep with my contacts in. When I got up, cause Tigger was knocking on my door, they were cloudy and I couldn’t see. I went to rinse them off, and then I couldn’t get the right one in. I also now have a bunch of Pepsi points to enter so I will do that now before I hit the sack.