I got a response from the woman who bought the doll, the chair was broken. I didn’t pack it securely enough. Oh well. I am not selling the others on E-Bay, it cost me money. I will list them on Craigs List when I get home. I keep meaning to but forgetting to. I really need to go now. It is lunch time and I am tired and unhappy.

My stomach is back on its roller coaster ride. I wonder if it is the Kashi bars, after all, they do have wheat and apple in them. Ok, now I have forgotten what else I wanted to say and now I have to go.

Got a cookie and a beer on the way home. That is my preferred snack since the popcorn the other day made me sick. Funny how cookies and beer don’t. You would think beer would aggravate an upset tummy. I laid down when I got home and fell asleep and so I missed dinner. It was hot dogs and beans, yum. So when I got up I made a sandwich: on a hamburger roll I put margarine, cinnamon honey and Habanero cheese. Now that was good!