>Em, Tigger and I went to Manhattan yesterday, Tigger wanted to go to some camera stores and Em looked up the addresses but she forgot the paper with the address on it so we didn’t do that.

We went to our favorite breakfast place, except that it was more of a brunch cause it was around 11:00 a.m. Then we walked toward Central Park, we stopped at the Library and I bought a card for Cookie and a pill case with a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on it. Then Em asked if I was uncomfortable in my coat, she noticed I had trouble snapping it at the restaurant. I kept saying it’s fine when I stand up. She asked if I wanted to get a coat to replace it. I replied that if we saw a Daffy’s I would look for a coat there, but then we went by Esprit and she suggested we go in. So I saw a down coat, it was a little more than I wanted to pay and longer then I wanted, then Em pointed out some jackets a little shorter, about the same length as my red one, they were on sale so I got a nice gray one, has a hood, knit cuffs and collar, zips. So I bought it to replace my red down jacket which I gave to Em for the coat drive the high school is having.

Em also got a down vest for Tigger, I forgot where, not at Esprit because everything for men was just too expensive. Then we went to Central Park and walked around, then Tigger convinced Em to cab it to Macy’s. Tigger wanted to look for clothes. He got a nice shirt, then noticed they had jeans on sale so he got a pair of jeans too. He looks great in them. There was a Daffy’s there which I still wanted to go in, and Em wanted to go in Victoria’s Secret, but she didn’t want to take Tigger in with her, so she went to VS and we went to Daffy’s. Except when we walked inside, there was a line for the elevator to go up to Daffy’s, so we went to Staples instead. I told Tigger he was more fun in Staples then in clothing stores. He explained it this way, “When I go in a clothing store, I only want clothing for me, when I go to a store like Staples, I want everything.”

As you might expect, it was an absolute madhouse. Macy’s has their Christmas display in the window and people were just crowding around looking for, it was worse than Time Square, but not worse than Time Square on New Year’s Day.

We went to Annie Moore’s for dinner, then to Grand Central Terminal to walk around a bit. We went to Douglas Cosmetics, I was looking for a sharpener for my lip pencil, they didn’t have any, Tigger convinced Em to buy him some more cologne, it was less there than at Macy’s. Then we went to Posman Books and she got an appointment book. I saw a book about a pickpocket in Manhattan in the 19th century. I almost got it. I might still.