>I am sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. The first thing I was going to talk about was how unbelievably crowded the train was. I doubt there was a single empty seat on it and this was by Garrison. That means of course the city was unbelievably crowded. It was like those commercials you see where there is just a wall of people walking at you, except none of these people knew how to walk. I was ready to tell them to get out of my city.

We had lunch at one of these metro cafe places and went to Strawberry Fields, of course there were a lot of people there, well you can see by my picture. I also took pictures of the Dakota, you can see them in the slide show I put on my blog.

We went to the Empire State building but when we got up to where you bought tickets the line was huge. We went to our favorite dinner place then to GCT for some shopping. I found a book for Em that was a history of Manhattan and she got me a pocket calendar. The boys got a book with cat pictures and funny captions.

They both passed out on the train.