>today was my regular Wednesday off, where my favorite thing to do is stay in bed as long as I possibly can. So that is what I was doing, until there was a knock on my door. Tigger has sold something else and wanted me to take him to the guy who bought it to get the money. Now it wasn’t super early but it was before I wanted to get up.

So I got up, got dressed, put on my face (well sort of) and went out to the car, I started to brush snow off the door and he and Fred came running up, Tigger said, “Don’t bother because the roads are bad and just getting worse so we are going to wait.” Until when? Until the roads are worse? No until Saturday, so I went back in the house, but I was up and now I was in a bad mood. As I looked at my bed and decided that I really couldn’t go back to bed, face on and contacts in, so I decided to go get an egg sandwich for breakfast. I left through the basement so no one would see me but . . .

“Where are you going? Can we come with you?” So I ended up with company for breakfast and was buying two egg sandwiches and a bagel, one latte and one coffee (for Fred, with hazelnut syrup and milk and vanilla powder) instead of breakfast for one. The roads were clear, the road crews were keeping up with the snow after all. So instead of going home we went to Target, I still hadn’t gotten WD-40 and the boys didn’t really want to go home.

At Target they wanted to look at computer games, on the way to the games they saw the long underwear and wanted some, they were on sale so I said O.K. I said no to the game. Then I picked up a flash drive, when Tigger saw it, he said there were 4 gig at BestBuy for less, so I sent him and Fred there while I paid for the stuff at Target and put it in the car. The flash drive was actually more, but it is cuter and purple! Then we came home and as we walked in the door I realized I still hadn’t bought WD-40. **Heavy sigh**