>Yes, Em and I went to the city Saturday. But to understand what happened, I have to take you back to Friday night. Friday I went to get my nails done. Em asked me to find out when her appointment was on Saturday. After I asked, Esther asked if I was coming too, when I said yes, she asked if I was going to get a pedicure, I said, Maybe. The owner came back to the table next to us and Esther told her I was going to get a pedicure when Em came in for her manicure! I was just kind of, well I didn’t really say that, **sigh**. When I told Em, she just kind of laughed and said, “It is so hard to say no to them.”

I wore my new sandals Saturday, it was ok, I have kind of broken them in. When they asked me to pick a color, I tried to pick a color as close to the color of the shoes as possible. I know they don’t look the same, I think it is because the nails are shiny and the sandals aren’t. We left the nail salon and headed down Broadway to Marie Tash so Em could see about the ring she is wanting to get. I also needed to get my piercing checked. We were early so on the way we stopped at the Strand. To get out of the heat and kill some time. Of course I asked about the True Crime section, which I was told is in the Basement. Of course. Well with 18 miles of book shelves, some had to go to the basement didn’t they? So I went downstairs and started looking, couldn’t find them, couldn’t find any signs for them either. Finally I asked someone and he took me way back into this corner and there tucked between ‘Journalism’ and ‘Law Inforcement’, was True Crime. It was actually a decent sized selection. Of course, I never remember the authors of the books I want so I was having to read the titles of all the books, I found Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by Mark Olshaker (Author) and John E. Douglas for $7.00, hardbound, originally $25.00, so I bought it. About the time that I found it, Em sent me a text saying she was ready to leave.

We continued on to Maria Tash and got there just as they were opening. Em talked to the sales person about what she wanted. She didn’t have anything done then but now knows when to come back for what she wants. I had them check my piercings, which they said look like they are heeling like they should. I asked about the bleeding, they weren’t concerned. I also asked about a 4th hole in my ear. I am not getting that until all the piercings in both ears are completely healed. Even if it takes months.

Em suggested taking the subway to Central Park, yes I know, she is starting to scare me. We had lunch at AQ Kafé, I had Chicken salad, you know a salad with grilled chicken on it. It was fabulous. The place is definitely on our list of places to eat in the city. They also have a bakery there, that we looked at briefly, then quickly ran away. We went in the mall in Columbus Circle. The one with the huge naked couple. I mentioned to Em, that for a woman that size, her boobs are awfully small, and for a man that big his, um, well I’m sure you get the idea, she did! I got a skirt at Esprit (?), then we went to the park.

Then after the park we stopped at Talbots where Em found a dress on sale, then Annie Moore’s, she got chicken for Fred, then home. As soon as we got home, Tigger tried to take my book.