>Em rode on the train with me. I was going to work, she was going ‘people watching’. I learned that there is enough time for me to get breakfast at Pershing Square and still get to work. Of course I wouldn’t do that on my own, only if someone rode to the city with me on the train. Have I mentioned that Pershing Square is the BEST place in NYC for breakfast? (Remember this is a BLOG and everything on here is my opinion) Have I told you why? I will have to come back to you on that, that has to be its own separate post. Next post I PROMISE.

I left work early to meet Em. She asked to meet at the new Sephora in Time Square. I met her coming out as I was walking toward the store. She had the silver and pink bag that was featured on the e-mail about the new store. She said it was too crowded there and she wanted to go to the other Sephora. She wanted her eyes done, as she is tired of what she does with them. So we go to Sephora and she asks somebody and they ask this little cute guy. He has Em sit on a stool, he has this high squeaky voice. When he goes to get something I ask Em if she noticed he was wearing eyeliner and his lashes were curled? Well her eyes looked fabulous after and we both spent some money there.

Tomorrow we are going to the city while the rest of the family goes to a Star Trek Convention. Leonard Nimoy is supposed to be there. Em and I are going to The High Line. Em also asked me to look up street fairs.

I found this website when we were down for the weekend with Gwen. SCHEDULE New York City Street Fairs and Festivals, so I went to it and found:
Sunday August 2nd ~ Festival of the Americas ~ (on 6th Avenue from 42nd – 56th Street)

Those are our plans. I hope to have pictures to post when we get home.