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>I heard from Marie that she was very sick, but she is better now and is back to PFF, so here is my entry for this week.

You remember last week (or you can go back and check if you don’t, or not) that I posted about receiving two lovely postcards from my friend Ló, who I met on the website Shelfari. I posted one last week and this week is the second one.

I have posted the back this time, as she was written a little bit about the picture on the front of this postcard. I told Ló, that if I ever got to Brazil I was going to look her up. She said, “Please do.”

You notice that this postcard has the same beautiful stamps as the other one.

For more postcard fun, visit postmistress Marie Reed


>I got a new camera. It is something I have been thinking about for a while. While I liked my Kodak, it was starting to have some little problems. I like a viewfinder with my cameras and cameras with viewfinders are getting more expensive and harder to find. So last Saturday, Gwen and I were up at Target and I started looking at cameras. They had a nice Canon on display, unfortunately they did not have any in stock.

As we walked away from the camera section, since I was really up there to get cat food and envelopes to mail books out in, Gwen suggested Best Buy, so we went there. They did not have the same camera, but they had the next one up from it. Obviously I can’t take a picture of the camera, but I did download a picture from Amazon. Its a Canon PowerShot A1100IS. 12.1 mega pixels, 4x optical zoom. I haven’t uploaded any pictures from it so I don’t know how good they are, but I am about too. Hang on for just one minute.
Here is Abigail.
Here is Tigger.

>When I have been thinking about a post all day, then I get here and its gone. The only thing I can think of is my new camera and the pictures of my new earrings, but there was more, I just know it.

I am finally caught up on all my review books. I think I am taking a break from them and reading my true crime and challenge books. For details, you can check out my book blog here.