>and this is funny. You remember my previous post, they are wee tiny hoops. The FedEx box was one of the medium size boxes. About six times the size of the box the hoops were in. Both the boys and I thought that was very funny.

I left work early because of a threatening storm. It was just starting to rain which was good for two reasons, one I did not have an umbrella, I mean do I ever, and also because it had just started there were no puddles in the road. I have come to believe that when you are waiting to cross the street and there are puddles in the road the cars speed up so they can splash you more! Oh I forgot the third reason, after it had rained a while the train started having track and signal problems.

Tigger needed to deposit a check so I took him up and then we went to the mall, I wanted to look at more earrings. No, you can never have too many pairs of earrings! I ended up with a pair of gold and ruby hoops. They were on a great sale, and you know I cannot resist. Tigger found a polo shirt he wanted. So we both ended up with something new.